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Background and consequences of the Nord Stream sabotage

The Ukraine endgame

Chesterton on civilizational decline and allusions to future prospects

On living in uncertain times

The reactionary character of transhumanism

Four Horsemen news picks

The roots of medicalized fascism pt. 2

Population collapse can be both quick and silent

The roots of medicalized fascism pt. 1

Thucydides on the politics of a collapsing society

Why electric cars are a fraud

Subjectivity is relational

WTOs polycrisis: famine, war and economic contraction

Memetic contraception

The myth of artificial agency

On capitalism and Ingmar Bergman's leather jacket

The Blessed Uncertainty

Aquinas on (dis)obeying authority

News from the narrative sweatshops

State of Empire, mid-May

Immediate consequences of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

The nudge matrix

The Twitter takeover will collapse into mere rebranding

The racket of education and the myth of expertise

Chesterton on Good Friday

We used to love America

St. Basil's Dance

The panoptic theatre

Sweden cancels Russian yoghurt

Unthinking Western media consumers will be complicit in genocide

War, smoke and mirrors

"Why do you love Putin and hate democracy?"

The Orwellian mechanics of modern propaganda

The Ukraine war as mass entertainment

What's really going on in Ukraine

Advertising as ritual magic

Conspiracy theories and social control

On the economic roots of the covid event and probable near-term developments

The spectre of covid and the ritual of victory

All truckers are fascist, big pharma saved the world

On truth, reality and resistance

How the system co-opts your desire to rebel

Mass testing, ICU occupancy and vaccine efficacy

The digital colonization

On modern propaganda and its origins in the pre-digital era