Great analysis.

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I think this analysis is over the target with respect to Hydrocarbons production but plateau oil is a better description or even Plateau hydro carbons. The price of oil and access to oil are of curse key but controlling the medium term price and who has the currency to purchase it is the bigger play in my opinion. Controlling access to energy through carbon credits issued for renewables is a way of enforcing a deflationary Carbon currency standard.

The key ratio is 16:1



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The peak oil started in the 70s only because it was deemed so. And if it's a problem of cost, why did the globalists push for the keystone pipeline to take expensive tar sands oil?

I'm thinking peak oil is an excuse to cull population, not the other way around.

Add to that, how the US military uses more fuel than most nations combined and climate change based on carbon is fraudulent (IPCC only recently started to consider more variables that they ignored).

Ehh, power games is the deal. These elites know that they could have reduced population growth merely by having good societies that provide, which give women the power to do their own thing, instead of be coerced to marry and have kids to survive. This is evident in Scandinavia, where birth rates are down.

But like the medical fraud of viruses was used to not solve the real causes of disease, peak oil will be used to not solve the real causes of population : an unstable world that makes people feel the need to have kids as "retirement"

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I just stumbled across this, you might be interested Johan, though it may be nothing new to you. Was nice for me to find something broadly in agreement with my speculations about the severity of the energy cliff and why the reset project will fail. There seem to be so few of us talking about this fundamental stuff. https://soundcloud.com/geopoliticsandempire/steve-st-angelo-there-wont-be-enough-energy-for-the-elites-great-reset-metaverse-243

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