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I've been thinking of writing this exact post. Many on our side think we are winning. In America, perhaps a few battles HAVE been won, but look at the damage done in Europe. The politicians there don't give a damn about the science, how mild Omicron is, the daily protests. They are forging ahead with lockdowns, forced vaccinations and more stringent vaccine passport rules. Hell, Quebec is under curfew for focks sake.

Maybe they will release some of the pressure of that jackboot on society's neck, having brought forward the digital ID technology by a decade or so. Maybe enough damage (progress) has been done. But the System has had a taste of the power it feels it's destined to wield and it won't give it up that easily. I think something nasty is in the pipeline. They've now tested a new variant that is super transmissible, something missing in the original Wuhan and Delta strains. Now they just need to add the lethality mutations.

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An excellent column. I agree with the author, we are at a crossroads or we will plunge for generations into dark times or we will push people towards enlightenment. I am watching with hope what is happening in the UK (the investigation into the genocide has started) but I am terrified by what is happening in Austria, Germany and Italy. We have a lot of work ahead of us, grassroots work, and stopping the vaccine madness and returning to the previous state in terms of human rights is just the beginning of this road.

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Very inspiring post!! I think one of the good things that has emerged from this Scamdemic is that it has connected people like us on substack and alternate media. This genie will be hard to put back in the bottle. Please keep writing and let us share with others, gradually red-pilling one person at a time. I am guilty of just coasting along life without realizing that Freedom is so fragile, I promise to be vigilant from now on.

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